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⋆ Alexis ⋆

Despite being a heathen STEM Major, I love reading. That wasn’t always the case. In fact, I hated reading up until I read Twilight in 5th grade. Without the power of Meyer’s sparkly vampires, I would have never got into reading. It was the first book I willingly read, and taught me that reading could be fun. My reading tastes have changed a lot since then, Maybe not too much. I still love vampires and romance, but I will always be grateful to Twilight for truly changing my life.

My favorite Tropes are: Generation Xerox, Estranged Spouses, Second Chance Romance, Dead Parent Het, In Spite of a Nail, and anything to do with Fate vs. Free Will.

If I was a fictional character, I would probably be Emma Woodhouse.

⋆ Eri ⋆

I’m Eri (pronounced like the word airy), and yes that is not a nickname lol I’m just blessed with a short first name that’s a conundrum to spell and pronounce for most. I am a current English Major student attending school in the Midwest, but I’m originally from Southern California.

I read a voracious amount of books despite some sage advice about not reading recreational books when you also have to read a million books for class. I fell into a love for reading around second grade when the wonderful garish neon yellow spines of Nancy Drew spoke to me. I basically ruined my eyesight because of reading, hence those lovely purple frames in the photo, but I don’t regret it one bit. I love and adore Romance books and will mostly only read YA that promises a good romance bc we all need an escape from tedious pretentious classics written by dead white men every once in a while.

My favorite tropes are: childhood best friends/nemeses falling in love, fake dating with spies/thieves, i would let the world burn for you, telepathic connections, and mythological parallels. (I wish I could label the tropes better but I have very specific tastes and I could also be doing this completely wrong)

If I were a fictional character I would be someone I wouldn’t dare mention here.


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