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Hello everyone!! Happy Shelfie Sunday… In honor of this auspicious day of the week, I’m doing the insurmountable: giving a full bookshelf tour.

I’ll be explaining why my shelves are organized the way they are & telling you where I get all of my fun bookish merchandise (with shop links so you can shop my shelves).


Before & After

My shelves didn’t always look the way they do. On the left, you can see a photo from the first day I got 3 of my bookshelves. The Romance shelf and A Song of Ice and Fire are the bare bones of themes on my shelves today, but as you can see everything else is.. not the same 😂. I think I’ve improved in my organization skills a lot since last year. 

bookshelf transition.png

Shop my Shelves:

    1. HEA/HFN Pillow ― The Book Pile
    2. Hold Me “I Love You Because You Make Me Want to Be my Best Self” Pillow  ― Book Art by Mana
    3. Reading is Sexy Tote Bag ― The Ripped Bodice
    4. “Heroine Worship” Cupcake Tote― Fanmail Box


Let the Tour Begin


starting on the left…..

top left bookshelf.png

Vampire shelf ― Top Left : Okay, so maybe my vampire shelf has one non-vampire book on it… But that’s okay. I love vampires. Twilight is what got me into reading so they’ll always have a special place in my heart. My two favorite books on this shelf are Certain Dark Things and Deathless (the non-vampire book).

Rick Riordan shelf ― Bottom Left: I will always have a single shelf dedicated to Rick Riordan books. PJO has a very special place in my heart. I cannot not acknowledge it somehow. While Aru Shah is by Roshani Chokshi and not Rick Riordan, I like having it there as it’s a Rick Riordan presents title.

Romance shelf ― Right: This shelf houses the majority of my Mass Market Romances. As you probably know, Romance is my favorite genre so it’s important for me to have a space for them. Currently I have three of my recent, favorite romances out: A Duke by Default, The Governess Game, and Wicked and the Wallflower. Also there’s a Governess Game bookmark, Tessa Dare’s Ripped Bodice repair kit, and a Romance Resists Postcard from Sarah MacLean. The close up is of my Alisha Rai and Tessa Dare pins that are face down on the shelf 😂 .

Shop my Shelves:

      1. Library Scented Soy Candle ― Illuminati Waxworks
      2. Funko POP Cinderella ― Gus Gus in Slipper


left 2nd shelf .png

Meghan Markle Shelf ― Top Left: In honor of the royal wedding, I made a Meghan Markle Shelf. It features books with Royalty Romances along with swag for Rachel Hawkin’s Royals (although the crown in the back is hard to see). Additionally, I have a “I’m going to marry Prince Harry” button I got during my middle school trip to England 😂. 

#romanceclasss shelf ―Bottom Left: My #romanceclass shelf houses all (but one) of my physical #romanceclass books!!! It’s super special to me because I love their books. It’s endlessly cool to think about how I live in California and can buy books from writers in the Philippines. Mina V. Esguerra was kind enough to send me physical copies of some of the #romanceclass books published in the Phillipines 😭 😭. 

A Song of Ice and Fire Shelf ― Right:  While you don’t see me talking about it often, A Song of Ice and Fire has been one of my favorite series for ages. I really do love this series but between a terrible TV adaptation and no release date for The Winds of Winter in sight, I don’t get to talk about it as much as I used to.

Shop my Shelves:

      1. Rebel Belle “You Killed Someone With a Shoe” Acrylic Block ― Book Art by Mana
      2. A Reader Lives a Thousand Lives Bookmark ― Thread Famous


bottom left shelf.png

Pride and Prejudice Shelf ― Top Left: My Pride and Prejudice shelf is one of 2 of my Austen shelves. Only one book is actually a copy of Pride and Prejudice and that’s the big book on the left. It actually has some illustrated pages AND has orange sprayed edges. It’s gorgeous. I also house my Marrying Mr. Darcy card game here.

Yosemite Shelf ― Bottom Left: I go to Yosemite at least once a year. Naturally, I have some books about the place. Only one of those is fictional: Valley Girls which is a YA book about a girl who wants to climb El Capitan. The John Muir and Thoreau books aren’t totally Yosemite themed, but I consider them Yosemite adjacent so that’s why they’re together.

Science Fiction/Science Shelf― Right: This shelf houses my Science and Science Fiction books. As an astronomy major, I do have quite a few Science books so I keep ones aesthetically pleasing enough here. The solar system hanging on the top is one of the most recent additions. I had a lot of empty space and thought it was a perfect way to fill up some of that. Behind those planets, is fanart of Spock one of my really good friends gave me.

Shop my Shelves:

    1. Women of NASA― Lego
    2. Pride and Prejudice Enamel Pin ― Ideal Bookshelf



the center piece shelf

middle shelf.png

“Everything is Blue” Shelf ― 1st Shelf: This shelf doesn’t have a theme other than being blue. It wasn’t an intentional decision (although you might think it is). I wanted to somehow display the street art I got in Sweden and the books that ended up there were just by chance and didn’t quite have a place anywhere else. Once more than two were blue, I ended up only putting blue books on it.

STEM Heroine Shelf ― 2nd Shelf: Being the astronomy major that I am, I have a special place in my heart for STEM heroines in Romance. This is my shelf to display some of my favorites like A Princess in Theory, The Kiss Quotient, and Hold Me!

Shop my Shelves:

      1. “I Have Loved the Stars too Fondly to Be Fearful of the Night” Enamel Pin ― Shiny Apple Studio
      2. Women of NASA― Lego


middle shelf 2.png

Romance Shelf ― 1st Shelf: To break up all of the different shelf themes in this middle shelf, I knew I wanted something rainbow. This shelf is pretty simple: a rainbow display of my Romances that aren’t mass markets.

Anne Boleyn Shelf ― 2nd Shelf:  Anne Boleyn is the love of my life. I find her endlessly fascinating and have been obsessed with her since elementary school. Of course, I had to pay homage to her in one of my mini shelves. The Life and Death of Anne Boleyn, which is the huge book laying down is my favorite biography about her. I do have some non-Anne books that I keep on this shelf because they’re feminism related and go with the color of Anne & Henry.

Shop my Shelves:

      1. “Once Upon a Time” Enamel Pin ― House of Wonderland


low middle shelf.png

Emma Shelf ― 1st Shelf: I love Emma. She’s my favorite Austen heroine. I wanted something to showcase more of my Austen books while distinctly showing my love for Emma.

ARC Shelf ― 2nd Shelf: Another pretty self explanatory shelf: my ARC shelf. Here I store a lot of my ARCs. Not all of them, but most of them. I try to keep them in a rainbow-ish theme but since I eventually unhaul most arcs/do giveaways, that doesn’t always happen.

Shop my Shelves:

      1. “Emma” Enamel Pin ― Ideal Bookshelf
      2. “Emma” Page Flags ― Girl of All Work
      3.  “I Always Deserve the Best Treatment Because I Never Put Up with Any Other” Emma Bookmark ― William and Jane Design
      4. Fitz WilliamWaffles 2018 Calendar (I think it’s still available in store at The Ripped Bodice but don’t quote me on that)


right shelf

right shelf left.png

Fantasy Favorites Shelf ― 1st Shelf: My Fantasy Favorites Shelf… houses my Fantasy favorites. His Dark Materials takes up most of the shelf because it’s probably my favorite series of all time. It has a super special place in my heart and I bawl my eyes out any time I think about The Amber Spyglass. Howl’s Moving Castle and Once Upon a Marigold are both other Fantasies that I love that are also more in the Middle Grade category. And then I have Brandon Sanderson’s books. I’ve only read his Mistborn series, but it has a unique place in my heart and a lot of my all time favorite tropes (and that trilogy ending…. fav).

Rainbow Young Adult Shelf― 2nd Shelf: This is probably the focal point of my shelves. Almost all of my YA hardcovers are here in rainbow organized format. My favorite part of this area is that


lower right shelf.png

Clock Shelf ― 1st Shelf: This is the shelf where my tall hardcovers that don’t fit into another shelf’s theme go. I’d like to someday have this shelf look cohesive color wise, but right now it’s just.. this.

But, it is a nice place to display two really cool things: my Hold Me clock & Always Never Yours art made by one of the authors of the book. The Hold Me clock was made by Mana who is a graphic design genius. And, the Always Never Yours art came from a YA signing where authors had to finger paint their book covers. I ended up winning this piece at the event.

Misc Shelf ― 2nd Shelf: My Hot Mess shelf.

That’s really it. Everything that doesn’t have a place goes here. Someday, I’d like for this shelf to have a theme. For now, it’s my shelf of misfit books that are waiting to become apart of a themed shelf.

Shop my Shelves:

      1. Hold Me “I Love You Because You Make Me Want to Be my Best Self” Clock  ― Book Art by Mana


superhero shelf.png

Comics and Superheroes Shelf: Here we have my messiest shelf & the one that changes the most often.

Recently, I’ve gotten into regularly reading comics. I’ve tried to on and off read them, but now that I know where my local comic shop is I read a lot more & this is where they (well, some) end up. Saga is the comic I’m currently trying to catch up on as a priority… and I still have a long way to go.

As you probably noticed, the Heroine Complex series takes up a lot of this shelf. I got the Fanmail box when Heroine Worship came out. I kept the actual box because the side has the design on the book cover and it’s really cool. Also, I like odd shapes in my shelves as you probably noticed.

Shop my shelf

middle shelf right.png

Rainbow Paperback YA Shelf: Another pretty self-explanatory shelf: a place for my YA paperbacks in a rainbow arrangement.

The swag you see is mainly from YA publishers with the exception of the candles on the right.

wild beauty shelf.png

Wild Beauty Shelf: I love Anna Marie McLemore. Naturally, her books would have some special feature on my shelf space.

My favorite book of hers is actually When the Moon Was Ours. But, I made this bookstagram post with Wild Beauty positioned like it was a flower being watered. The concept was too good to pass up on for a shelf.

This shelf is what will probably turn into my Jane Austen shelf once I figure out how to arrange it. I love this shelf as it is right now, but I’m getting to the point where I need more shelf space… cries.

Discussion: How do you store the books you have?




One thought on “Alexis’s Bookshelf Tour

  1. LisaDay says:

    IT looks fabulous. So much to look at, which is how bookshelves should be. Mine is based on feel and happiness. I would recommend Nancy Baker’s A Terrible Beauty, Tanya Huff and Christopher Golden of Saints and SHadows for vampire books.


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