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Trope Tuesdays are a meme originally created to discuss, define, and explain one trope that you feel any range of emotion for, and then give your verdict on the trope. You can learn more about Trope Tuesday here.

In today’s edition of Trope Tuesday, I’m going to be talking about Tropes that are Deal Breakers for me which means 99.999999% of the time, you won’t catch me reading them. But, sometimes an author will come along that can do it right.

age gap

I have… a lot of opinions on Age Gap Romances. Last year, I even wrote a Trope Tuesday post on Age Gaps. While I have given Age Gap Romances a chance in the past, I’ve kind of gotten to the point where I simply don’t read them.


There’s a lot to be unpacked in relationships that have an Age Gap. Typically, the huge power imbalance isn’t addressed which equals a “no” from me. As someone who has seen how Age Gap relationships can be in real life, I don’t have it in me to suspend disbelief enough to go along with them in fiction. It’s something I avoid at all costs in Romances. I do have one Age Gap Romance on my TBR right now: Bad For the Boss by Talia Hibbert. The last book I read by Talia Hibbert, Merry Inkmas, became an instant favorite of mine. Despite being hopeful, it’ll probably be the last Age Gap Romance I read intentionally.


teachert student.png


If a trope could be a headache…. First off, again with the power imbalance. Nothing about the premise of a Teacher’s Assistant and a Student hooks me. I’ve never read one of these romances because it’s so off-putting. As someone with friends who have dated TA’s from their classes, I just get sick because I know it’s a bad decision and doesn’t end well. Also, I was actually a TA for a class last semester and the thought of dating a student I was supposed to be helping was just strange and unappealing.

step sinbling

Despite not having any big grievances with this trope, I prefer not to read it. Romances that have step siblings that are living together over the course of the book are especially unappetizing.  I recently DNFed a Young Adult novel called Layover I was sent for review that had that trope. I actually didn’t DNF it because of the step sibling thing (it was actually because of it’s raging “not like other girls” attitude). However, I wasn’t to keen on the Step Sibling thing because they were teenagers who were living in the same house.

Exception to the Rule: If you didn’t get the hit from the Featured image, then I’ll tell you now. Alisha Rai is the exception I first made for this rule, and I suspect if she wrote any of the tropes above I would also make exceptions because: hey it’s Alisha.


While normally I don’t like the step sibling thing, it worked well in A Gentleman in the Street. In the book, Akira and Jacob are step siblings but their parent’s marriage lasted for a short amount of time while they were kids. I liked that because 1) they weren’t living in the same house together during the course of the book and 2) it gave some residual drama because of how Akira and Jacob’s siblings had different relationships with her mother. I’m a big fan of Romances where the two main characters already have some history, however muddled it may be. I loved this book for a lot of reasons, and would definitely recommend it even if you’re “””anti-step sibling romance””. If you’re willing to make that tiny stretch to read one step sibling romance like I was, it will be worth it. Trust me.


former spouse.png

Due to my funky title, I’ll give a little more explanation. This tropes comes in several different forms. Often, I’ve found that it’s in the form of Heroine/Her sister’s Ex- Fiancé, or it will be a Hero/His Brother’s Widow. Being a fan of drama in Romance does not mean I’m a fan of this type of drama.

There’s something so painful for me about this trope. While I haven’t been in that type of situation, reading about it makes me so stressed. And I can’t read it because of that. I’m  not exactly sure why it stresses me out but it just does?? I’m pretty sure I would have a heart attack from the anxiety this type of plot line causes me if I actually read it.

Exception to the Rule: So… I will be reading a book with this trope because it’s an Alisha one. A lot of trusted friends have liked it, and there’s a bisexual heroine which means it’s gonna be 100%. Plus, I loved the first installment of the series the book belongs to. I have this problem where I avoid books I know I’m going to like, and I have been doing that since November with Wrong to Need You. You think I would just rip off the band-aid but I’m not that person 😂.

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 3.10.39 PM.png

Wrong to Need You is about Sadia who is a widow. Her husband’s brother, Jackson, who fled town comes back. Of course, part of the reason why I have been avoiding this is because the dead husband’s brother. However, I will be reading it this week because it is The Ripped Bodice’s book club pick for February and I need to get going. This book is gonna wreck me and stress me out but I know it will be good in the end. Wish Me luck~



2 thoughts on “Trope Tuesday #22: Trope Deal Breakers (And the Author who makes me read them anyways)

  1. Lucy C says:

    I checked out A Gentleman in the Street because I quite like complicated history between romantic interests as well and I found Rai had switched the stereotypical roles, making the heroine the billionaire businesswoman and the hero the guardian of younger siblings. This has definitely pushed it right to the top of my TBR! I don’t mind step-sibling romance as long as there is some acknowledgement of the weirdness of the situation (and they hadn’t lived together since very young). I read a book where they had lived together since they were ten and while there were many obstacles to their relationship, the fact that they had been living together for six years as siblings was never even commented on.

    I’m with you on the student/teacher romance though!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lacyliteracy says:

      Yes, I loved that Akira was the billionaire. It was such a nice dynamic change. I’m glad it’s on your TBR!! I hope you get around to it soon.

      Liked by 1 person

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