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Audiobooks have been my SAVIOR in the year 2017. I am eternally grateful for them. Since I started listening to audiobooks, they have become an integral part of my reading life. I think audiobooks are amazing, which is why I want more people to read them.

In an effort to do that, I’m going to be sharing reasons why you should listen to them, give some advice on how to get started, and there will be a giveaway for three audiobooks at the end to get you started on your audiobook journey~

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If You Love Giving Minimal Effort

While I love reading, I do get tired. I’m a full-time college student who has a hectic schedule. Sometimes, I have no energy to pick up a book at the end of the day. Of course, that is frustrating because I love reading, just not the effort of focusing and sitting still after a 14 hour day. That’s why Audiobooks are great. All I have to do is listen. Audiobooks also don’t mean you have to keep moving in different positions to be comfortable while trying to hold up a physical book. Press play on whatever device you have, and you’re set.

If You’re in a Reading Slump

Without Audiobooks, I would be in a perpetual reading slump. Audiobooks force you to read. You don’t have to drag yourself over to a pile of books, pick one up, and then try and read it. Audiobooks read the story for you. There’s less of an excuse of not reading with Audiobooks.

If You Want to Read More

All of you multitaskers out there need Audiobooks. I previously wrote a post on How to Read More. Audiobooks have become one of the ways that I read so much with my schedule. As a Californian, I spend a lot of time driving. I’m almost always listening to an Audiobook while doing so. If I’m walking around campus, I’ll be listening to an Audiobook. If I’m doing errands, I’m listening to an Audiobook. If I’m cleaning, I’m listening to an Audiobook. Audiobooks are long. It would take me longer to finish them than regular books if I could just sit down and read them. However, you can’t read a physical book while doing things like driving. All of the times I manage to squeeze in listening to an Audiobook add up. Depending on the week, I can go through several Audiobooks whereas I’d only be able to go through one or two books.

If You’re Sick

I rarely talk about my health problems because it’s a never ending saga. There are some days I can’t get out of bed. That’s life. Plus, I have chronic migraines which means my pace and reading frequency suffers. Because of that, one of the things I’m really grateful for is Audiobooks. Audiobooks are great for my bad days because I can read while still wallowing in bed.


In my opinion, a lot of people are quick to write off Audiobooks simply because they listen to a few bad ones. I liken it to reading a few generic fantasy books and then hating the genre just because you didn’t end up finding the right one for you. Here are some tips to avoid Audiobook burnout.

Listen to your favorite book on audio

Probably my #1 advice is to listen to an audiobook of your favorite book. Listening to it will give you a good feel of what audiobooks are like. Since you already know the plot and the characters, most likely by heart, it’ll be easy to gauge how to focus with audiobooks and how much of the story you actually understand with the new format.

Test different narrators

Narrators make or break audiobooks. I’ve DNFed audiobooks that I should’ve loved the content of just because the narrator was grating. Not every narrator is for everyone, you might prefer a certain type of voice. Testing out different audiobooks is the only way to do it. Personally, I prefer not to listen to audiobooks with masculine narrators. Often, I feel like masculine narrators lack range. I cannot stand to hear them attempt to do feminine voices as it can come off quite forced (the worst audiobook experience I’ve had was listening to a masculine narrator attempt to do the voice of the heroine moaning during sex….. I have nightmares about it). 

Get Out of your genre Comfortzone

I’ve listened to just about every genre and category of audiobooks to see what I liked. The results of that were surprising. I found out that Young Adult audiobooks are hit or miss with me, and that I love Non-Fiction Audiobooks. I’ve found that the format helps the reading experience so much. You might be surprised by what you do and don’t like when it comes to Audiobooks. You might swear by Science Fiction, but then find out you love Historical Audiobooks. Don’t write off audiobooks just because your favorite genre doesn’t translate as well in audiobook form.




This Giveaway is open internationally. One person will win all three of the audiobooks pictured above: The Wrath & the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh, Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen, and Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella. Ends 11/28/17.


Click Here for the Rafflecopter link


  1. I maintain the right to end/suspend the giveaway at any time, without choosing a winner.
  2. I am not accountable for what happens to the package once I ship it out. USPS can be evil. I can’t control what happens to the package once it safely leaves my hands. (Although, I wish I could.)
  3. Incomplete entries or ones that have not provided the correct information will be disqualified.
  4. If one of the means of entry is following me on Twitter/Instagram/ or on my Blog, you may not use a Giveaway account. If you do, all your entries will be disqualified.
  5. The winner will be contacted either through WordPress or Email. If they do not respond within 72 hours, a new winner will be selected.

Have you listened to Audiobooks before? Which ones? Do you like reading them better than physical books?

If not, what audiobooks do you want to listen to?

17 thoughts on “Why YOU Need to be listening to Audiobooks, How to Get Started, & an Audiobook Giveaway

  1. Mariam's Yummy Books says:

    I also discovered audiobooks because of my need for smth beside music while I’m driving. I read mostly nonfiction because the narration would confuse me and or need a lot of focus and I couldn’t concentrate but I think I enjoy re-reading my favs as audiobooks because then I don’t need to focus too much. I read Simon V and it was delightful.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lacyliteracy says:

      I haven’t read the Simon V audiobook! I’ve started the one for Upside & like the narrator so far.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Mariam's Yummy Books says:

        That’s awesome. I’ve been meaning to try Upside as an audiobook. 🙂


  2. I haven’t really been able to get into audio books. But I haven’t tried listening to a favorite book. That’s a really great idea.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lacyliteracy says:

      They can be hard to get into at first! I listened to one of my favorite easy reads and it’s what really got me hooked on Audiobooks.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. weckroth says:

    I had an Audible account for several months and I enjoyed so many of the books I listened to. Unfortunately, I encountered three straight titles with narrators that I could not click with, and I stopped being able to rationalize paying the monthly subscription. I would love to get back into audiobooks because I spend two hours in the car everyday commuting two and from work.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lacyliteracy says:

      Ugh, that happens. I hope you get back into audiobooks! They have made my commute so much better.


  4. Marie says:

    Oh this is such a fantastic post – thank you so much for sharing this! I… well, I’m feeling a bit ashamed writing this, but I never tried audiobooks?! I don’t know, I tend to buy books or read e-books, but audiobooks are still a mystery to me. I’m also very nervous about getting started, because I have no idea if I’ll be able to focus on the story when it’s read to me? This really is something that scares me, ahah, but you did an amazing job at convincing me that audiobooks are quite awesome…. I might have to try 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. lacyliteracy says:

      Thank! Yeah, I was concerned about not being able to focus on the story when I first started audiobooks too. I have ADHD so I honestly thought I would try one audiobook and give up, but I ended up loving them. There are certain activities I don’t listen to them during because it takes too much effort to do both like working out. You just have to test it out tbh.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Marie says:

        I think I will try it out sometime, then, see if I can focus and enjoy it 😀


  5. You’ve made a lot of really good points here! I for one have never listened to an audiobook but i am intrigued to try it out!


  6. YES! I love this post. I love audiobooks, sometimes I listen to two at the same time. Don’t ask me how, I am a crazy person. I totally agree with you on starting with a book you love. I always recommend people to start with a reread and see if they like it. Awesome post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lacyliteracy says:

      Thank you so much!

      I could NEVER do that. I wish I had your skills 😂.


  7. I love audiobooks! They can be pretty expensive but I’ve found that for Audible, buying the Kindle version AND the audiobook version is actually cheaper than buying the audiobook on its own… I don’t really get it. I’d like to try audiobooks from other sites at some point. Also really recommend that people try the sample of the audiobook before buying one, because narrators can be very hit and miss 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lacyliteracy says:

      I use Overdrive for Audiobooks so I don’t have to pay for them. If your library has an Overdrive account, I’d really recommend checking it out. I don’t think I would’ve ever tried out audiobooks if I had to pay for them. It’s so expensive.


      1. Last time I checked my local library it was pretty awful, but I might revisit it and check to see what they have in terms of audiobooks and ebooks 🙂 and I know it’s shocking, especially when the quality of the audiobook is bad. I’ve bought one where you can hear dogs barking in the background for entire chapters!


  8. Hey I enjoyed reading your blog posts. They are very good and helpful. Even I did avoid audio books like every other person I knew. But it changed when I used audio book for listening Linchpin and boy for the first time I enjoyed audio book. Now I have couple more of these books.
    Please take a look at my blog too.


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