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With some shake ups in my personal life, I’ve been needing to declutter my life. One of the biggest clutters, of course, is books. Books that I used to love but now no longer do, books that I read and hated, and books that I know I can’t read.

One of those books is 27 Hours. Which I was sent by the publisher. Typically, I don’t talk about books that I decide not to read on my blog, or on Twitter, because I don’t see the need (especially if they have problematic content cause that should be a given). Since I was sent 27 Hours by the publisher, I knew I had to talk about why I’m not going to read it. And then share everything else that is getting the boot from my shelves.

Why I’m Not Reading 27 Hours

If you’re not active on Twitter, there’s a good chance you haven’t seen everything that has gone down recently in relation to 27 Hours. Back in August, Aimal wrote an incredibly eloquent post reviewing 27 Hours and calling out how it centers the colonist guilt and has poor racial representation. Seeing that was so disappointing. There was so much praise for the book’s LGBTQ representation, and completely nothing addressing the bad racial representation before that (which is a trend that happens in this community). It was a huge deterrent from me wanting to read 27 Hours. And then it got worse.

The author is heavily involved in the community. Too involved in my opinion (I talk about my issues with authors invading fan spaces here). There was some shady activity involved.. There was unfollowing of people who called how the poor racial representation, a mishandled non-apology, and an unfortunate instances of Native bloggers and bloggers of color getting harassed because of it all.

I get a bad feeling when I think about 27 Hours. Whenever I would see it sitting on my shelf, I dreaded it. 27 Hours was the first physical copy I was sent for review by a publisher, and I’ve never not at least started a review copy before. I grappled with what I should do. Then I thought about my place as a White Bisexual reviewer. I didn’t want to add more noise to a bad situation that was extremely perpetuated by White Queer readers. Being able to read a book some people deemed as “the most queer representative book they’ve seen” is not of value to me when some of those characters are QPOC and have one part of their identity handled so poorly. It’s always a personal decision on whether or not you’re going to read a book with problematic aspects. In this situation, I didn’t think it was right for me to do so considering everything that happened.

The Unhaul


The first stack on the left with A Darker Shade of Magic to Eldest are books in series that I know I’m never going to finish. ADSOM was a huge disappointment. While the first book had potential, by the second book I knew it was a bust. This seems to be a trend with V.E./Victoria Schwab’s books. I don’t think I’ll keep reading her stuff. As for The Inheritance Cycle, I read the first book and hated it. Some of my friends read it when they were younger and liked it, so I thought ‘what the hell’. I regret that 😂. 

The second stack from A Natural History of the Romance Novel to Uprooted are my mixed feelings/hate pile. There are some books that I moderately enjoyed like Madly and Don’t Even Think About It. However, I didn’t enjoy them enough to keep them. The rest of the books are busts. A Natural History of the Romance Novel was vile because it excused actions of disgusting heroes in Romance novel hero history. I’m still amazed at how bad it was. I talk about it a bit more here. Rook and Uprooted were both huge disappointments. I loved the premises of both, but they fell so short. I’m still bummed about Rook because I have yet to find a good Scarlet Pimpernel retelling. Someday I’ll find one… hopefully.


Roseblood to My Lady Jane were all book subscription box disappointments. My subscription box phase was damaging to my wallet and peace of mind (you can see me talk more about it here). I’ve found some of my least favorite books ever because of subscription boxes. I DNFed both Everland and Flashfall, and then gave 1 star reviews to The Serpent King and My Lady Jane. I actually won Roseblood in a giveaway at YALLwest from the Owlcrate booth from one of those spinner giveaway things. I don’t intend on reading it.

Onto the last stack. Moon Chosen…. Well, that book gets its own paragraph. It’s quite literally the most racist book I’ve ever read. And I got it from a subscription box. Go figure. It’s disgusting and I’m ashamed that people let this get published. Not to mention it’s also homophobic, ableist, and slut shames. Unlike the other books I’m unhauling, which I’m give to my local Friends of the Library, I will be slam dunking Moon Chosen into the recycling bin in hopes its pages are used for a better purpose.

The Infernal Devices to the Doctor Who book are all from series that I no longer care about. There was a time when I was a big Cassie C fan, but those days have LONG past (Ms.Scribe story anyone?). I was never a big fan of the Lunar Chronicles because it was bland despite the potential. I read all the books because I was starved for fairy tale retelling content.

And that’s it. There are still some more books I’m going to unhaul, but that won’t be until later in the future….


Have you unhauled books before? Why do you unhaul books?

5 thoughts on “Why I’m Not Reading 27 Hours & a MASSIVE Book Unhaul

  1. I completely agree about 27 HOURS– I mentioned it in my recent fall book releases anti-haul. I love what you said about recognizing that, as white queer reviewers, our voices really aren’t the ones that need to be centered in this conversation (which, like you correctly mentioned, is already dominated by white queer voices). I’m overall really disappointed with how the author has reacted to and handled the criticism of her racial rep in this book. As for the rest of the books you’re unhauling, I definitely see a few I agree with! I also found UPROOTED and MY LADY JANE disappointing. ROSEBLOOD is one of my least favorite books I’ve ever read, so trust me, you’re not missing much by getting rid of that one! Haha.

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    1. lacyliteracy says:

      I’ll have to check out your anti-haul!

      I still can’t believe how mishandled the whole situation was. It was really the perfect storm because of how many white queer people didn’t criticize it and the fact that people were friends with the author who later handled everything poorly. A situation like with what happened with 27 Hours was inevitable because of how this community functions and who “runs” it (aka white queer people). I’m hoping we’ve learned more about why befriending/idolizing authors isn’t a good idea because of it… but the odds of that are unlikely.

      I’m glad you felt the same about Uprooted and My Lady Jane! Both should’ve been books I loved. My Lady Jane was PAINFUL for me to read. I’m a big fan of Tudor history. While I don’t mind diversions from actual history, I didn’t like how My Lady Jane did it. So many compelling people were turned into characters that were reduced down to basic archetypes. There was so much potential considering the setting and the drama that was happening, but none of it was used.


  2. I recently took Cassandra Clare books from my shelves as well haha. With the tv show coming out I just realised how problematic the books were and then I started to read up on Clare and boy… I was really disappointed in the things I learned. I kept the books on my shelves because otherwise my shelves looked so empty, but I can finally replace them with new (hopefully good) books haha

    I hadn’t heard of 27 Hours before I read Aimal’s review, and I’m glad because I feel like otherwise I would’ve wanted to read it. It has a lot of potential, but the colonialism and such make me so uncomfortable :/ Definitely understand why you won’t read it. I hadn’t heard of what happened on Twitter though (I’m not that active on Twitter because there’s always so much drama and it’s not good for my mental health) that is absolutely awful but I wish I could say it surprised me *sigh*

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    1. lacyliteracy says:

      Yeah, the backstory behind Cassandra Clare is a doozy. A lot of the book community today doesn’t seem to know about it. I’ve known for YEARS through tumblr what kind of person the author is, yet I always see people praising her without thought. I could careless if you like her books, but the fact that I never hear people talk about her history is kind of concerning. I understand wanting to keep your shelves looking good 😂.

      The environment on Twitter has always made me think something like what went down recently with 27 Hours would happen eventually. It’s unfortunate that we’re that terribly predictable on there 🤷.

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  3. I completely agree with you that you shouldn’t be pressured into reading anything and it’s your right to make the decision to read or not to read a book. I’m sad you don’t like the Lunar Chronicles as it is one of my faves, but certain books are not for everyone, and I respect your decision. Unhauls seem like a good way to lift some pressure of your shoulders. I might try it someday.


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