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And it’s time for another book haul. The last time I did one was way back in Spring after I went to two book festivals. I figured that since I got quite a few books this month from book events (and just blowing some of my cash), I would share some of them~.

Here’s to hoping I don’t spend nearly as much money as I did in September ever again, but knowing I probably will. 🥂

Books I Bought:

books i boughtt

I’ve actually already read two of these books: Wild Beauty & Miss Mayhem. I’ve been DYING to have a finished copy of Wild Beauty since I read the ARC. The cover is embossed and so gorgeous. As for Miss Mayhem, I’m slowly getting Rebel Belles in paperback. I adore the series. I actually read it when I was a debutante (so bonus points).

Top Ten and You Don’t Know Me But I Know You are two books that I’ve been considering buying and finally caved. I haven’t heard much about You Don’t Know Me But I Know You. The book has kind of flown under the radar on Twitter. It follows 17 year old Audrey who was adopted and then gets a 17 year old letter from her biological mother. Then, she finds out she is pregnant and has to save her friendship with her best friend along with figuring out who she is. I got Top Ten because I saw someone say it had anxiety and bisexual representation. That’s literally the only reason.

You are probably already familiar with The Hearts We Sold, Moxie, and Jane, Unlimited. For those of you who aren’t or want to know more, you can click on the link for each title to go to the Goodreads page.


Books I Won:


books i bought

I got two free books this month from giveaways. I got 99 Days at the book drop by Pasadena Loves YA. I don’t know much about it. Honestly, I wasn’t too big of a fan of the selection of free books they had (woe is me). They were either ones I already had or ones I wasn’t interested in, so I just picked one that had a pretty cover (booo, I know). We’ll see how it goes.

I got a UK Edition of Because You Love to Hate Me at B-Fest (which I 100% recommend going to. I ended up getting an ARC of Batman: Nightwalker for a friend there). Ameriie was there as one of the featured authors and had a giveaway for it. Someone else actually won the book, but they ended up giving it to me because they already had a copy.

Books I Got For Events:

books i got from events.png

I went to several book events this month: Pasadena Loves YA, B-Fest, the They Both Die at the End Tour, and The Language of Thorns Tour (all the way in St. Paul).

I got Of Fire and Stars, Outrun the Moon, and Because You Love To Hate Me all at Pasadena Loves YA, Plus, I ended up getting them signed which was nice. I’m super excited for Outrun the Moon. It takes place in San Francisco during the 1906 earthquake. I always remember hearing stories about it as a kid, so I can’t wait to see a fictionalized version of it with teenagers in the spotlight.

I went to stops on the They Both Die at the End Tour and The Language of Thorns Tour (both of which I still need to write recaps for. Sorry, I’m behind). They were both great events and I’m praying I have the time to dive into both of these books soon.


6 thoughts on “September Book Haul

  1. I can’t wait to read Language of Thorns and The Heart We Sold, so I hope you’ll enjoy it too! I totally enjoyed Rebel Belle, but I found Miss Mayhem kinda underwhelming 😦 I hope to read Lady Renegades soon though!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lacyliteracy says:

      Thanks! Yeah, Miss Mayhem was a big let down for me. I still love the series but it went downhill after the first book. I liked Lady Renegades because I’m a fan of one of the tropes it uses. However, I kind of wish the series was only 2 books because the last one felt like it was being dragged out 🤷‍♀️.


  2. Really great haul, I hope you enjoy reading them all 🙂 Would love it if you could check out my haul and new blog

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Annemieke says:

    Looks like you got some great books last month. I’m curious about Jane Unlimited. I haven’t heard too much about it yet.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lacyliteracy says:

      I’ve heard mixed things about it, but the unique format pulled me in.

      Liked by 1 person

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