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Welcome to Goodbye July aka my Wrap Up for the month of July.

Thinking about everything that happened in July is overwhelming. I don’t know how I survived the blogging changes & taking a summer class, but here I am.

breka throughts

Incase you somehow haven’t noticed, or have just been ignoring me for the past month, I’ve completely changed my blogging format. I redesigned my blog and reconsidered what type of content I wanted to be posting. You can read more about that decision here.

I’ve been over the moon with how things have been going here on Lacy Literacy. I have a lot more inspiration, just not that much time because summer class is kicking my ass.

royal dnf.png


I got a signed ARC of Warcross back at LATFoB. Considering it was my first Marie Lu book & that I loved the premise, I was dying to start it. I started it back in June and could tell Warcross & I weren’t meant to be.

There’s this trope I can’t stand and to sum it up it’s when the heroine has a crush and idolizes the hero who has a significant amount of power over her (in this case money and a tech empire and age). I probably would not have picked up the book if I knew that was going to happen going in. I sat on it for a couple weeks and tried to push through it but the plot wasn’t captivating me enough so I just passed the book on to an #ownvoices reviewer.


that time.png

After the 4th of July, I flew from LA to Atlanta for the last stop on the Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue book tour with Mackenzi Lee & Becky Albertalli. There’s a good chance you already know that I’ve been pumped for GGTVAV, but that’s not why I went. The GGTVAV Book Signing was the location of where I was meeting my 3 best interest friends of 4 years for the first time!!!!

books i consumed.png

What I reviewed: One was home run and one was a bust.

29422692 35430572

  • The Family Saga Romance You’ve Been Waiting For — ARC Review: Hate to Want You by Alisha Rai: Alisha Rai getting a series with Avon has been a dream come true. Hate to Want You features a Mixed Japanese Heroine who meets with her ex childhood lover once a year for birthday sex. I cannot recommend this book enough. The handling of Livvy’s depression was masterful. If you’re looking for a steamy, forbidden Romance the deals with heavy issues likes family ties & depression, then Hate To Want You is the perfect read. Rating: ★★★★★.

  • Mixed Feelings & a STEM Heroine ― ARC Review: Remedial Rocket Science: A Romantic Comedy by Susannah Nix: I accepted this review opportunity because it was a New Adult Romance about a STEM Heroine. Unfortunately, it was not for me. The humor, the character development, and the romance were lack luster. My favorite parts were probably the bisexual side character & the fact that the heroine didn’t have a vendetta against the hero’s girlfriend. Rating:★★☆☆☆.


What I read: I read a lot of Romance this month because I’ve been so busy. I read a lot of the books specifically for the Ripped Bodice Bingo.

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My Top 3 Posts:

Everything Else: 


Overall, I would say it’s been a pretty successful blogging month. I’m looking forward to being able to crack down on my reading & get through a ton of ARCs once I’m free from my summer class.



One thought on “Breakthroughs, a DNF, & that Time I Went Cross Country for a Book Signing — Goodbye July

  1. My July was pretty as it was my Birthday month and I launched my blog that day too 😊
    You can check my July wrap-up here:
    I hope you’ll like it 😊


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