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And here I am again with another entry into the #BroodyBFF Challenge. For those of you unfamiliar with the #BroodyBFF Challenge. It’s a series of challenges being held for #BroodyBFFs (aka the Broody street team) in in honor of the swoon-worthy Brooding YA Hero getting his own book, Brooding YA Hero: Becoming a Main Character (Almost) as Awesome as Me, out October 3rd.

This week’s written challenge is….. writing a post about a song that gives you feelings for a particular YA book. The book I associate with a certain song is a very special Young Adult Series (cause I’m a cheater). In fact, it is the Young Adult Series that made me love reading. 


I hated reading for a long time. I associated reading with school, and as a kid with severe ADHD, anything that had to do with school made me frustrated on principle. Then one book fair in 5th grade, I decided to buy Twilight and the rest was history. Twilight became my first big obsession. I never got to the “I owned an Edward Cullen body pillow” phase, but I did spend my time on the internet watching interviews with the movie cast for hours, watching fanvids, and listening to those spoof songs with Edward trashing Jacob Black and vice versa (fandom obviously peaked before 2010).


Because of that, I’ve always heavily associated Twilight with music. I simply can’t image Twilight separated from music. When the soundtrack was released, it got that much more intertwined. And Twilight truly has some of the best soundtracks for a film series. Looking back on it, I’m still impressed with the song choices, which is a big deal for someone who fanmixes a lot and is extremely critical of movie soundtracks (honestly, ask anyone who knows me). There’s one song in particular that I associate with the series the most and that’s Turning Page by Sleeping At Last.



Turning Page was featured on the Breaking Dawn Part 1 Soundtrack. By the time that film was released, my Twilight phase was fading. I started reading more Middle Grade and Young Adult Books like Percy Jackson and The Mortal Instruments. That time was also when I got a Tumblr and started down the fandom rabbit hole. I didn’t even end up watching Breaking Dawn Part 1 until many years later, which would’ve been unimaginable for younger me who used to eagerly await each new film adaptation of her favorite book series.


Turning Page was the last song from a Twilight soundtrack that I truly loved and listened to on repeat. It kind of represents the end of my Twilight phase. My copies of Twilight collected dust on my shelves and I stopped watching the movie 5 times a week. Whenever I hear the song now, I get a ton of Twilight nostalgia. The series was instrumental in showing me that reading could be fun. Twilight definitely isn’t a series I would champion today, but I owe Twilight a lot.

rpatts-hates-twilight-sense1 rpatts-hates-twilight-sense2

rpatts-hates-twilight-sense3 rpatts-hates-twilight-sense4



Which song gives you lots of feelings for a book or series? Young Adult or otherwise. Tell me below!


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3 thoughts on “#BroodyBFF Challenge 5: A Song I Associate with a Young Adult Novel

  1. Elena says:

    Oddly enough, I did a post just like this the other day and I didn’t even know it was a tag, haha. I love your answer though! That was actually one of the most played songs in my iTunes library way back when!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lacyliteracy says:

      What a coincidence!! It used to be one of my most played songs too.

      Liked by 1 person

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