A Resignation Letter to TBRs ― You Will Not Be Missed

It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve finally accepted the fact that everyone who has been following this blog and sees my TBRs every month already knows….

If you’re new to Lacy Literacy, let me let you in on something. I am terrible with TBRs. Every month I make one. Every month I fail spectacularly. And yet, every month, I come back for more and try and pretend I did not not finish the books I said I would.


Now, after months of failed TBRs, I have accepted the fact that I just can’t do TBRs.

You would think that a highly motivated, extremely competitive person like me would enjoy the challenge of reading a ridiculous amount of books with no knowledge of how busy they are in a given month, right? Well…. not right. It turns out that when you’re a mood reader like me, that just doesn’t work. I have tried time and time again to pick up books that I’ve scheduled myself to read. Each time I do it, it ends in disaster. Even if a book is one of my most anticipated reads of the year, if I’m not in the mood for the genre then, it’s going to be another DNF causality.

Trying to force myself to read books that I’m not in the mood for has destroyed my reading pace. I read significant less now (and because life is a lot atm) because of it. I end up listening to Romance audiobooks to put off reading books that I have my TBR. Books that I put on my TBR end up becoming books that I dread reading. I don’t want to live like that anymore.

Reading is supposed to be fun. Blogging is supposed to be fun. But I don’t have fun forcing myself to read books that I don’t feel like reading. I wish I could be that TBR person so everyone knows what reviews to expect in a given month & so I’d read and review ARCs faster, but I just can’t do it no matter how hard I try. Hell, I can’t even bring my bisexual ass to read the books I put on my June Pride TBR. I will never be a planned TBR person.


Unfortunately, after today, most of our protests and pleas will have this effect - Imgur.gif

Is anyone truly surprised?

11 thoughts on “A Resignation Letter to TBRs ― You Will Not Be Missed

  1. I love all the Community GIFs 🙂

    Totally makes sense! Why make them and then stress when one can’t follow through? It’s easy to just decide not to do it. To be honest, I’m always surprised by people who do make them because I’m like, “how?” I have made TBR posts before, but I attempted to do it so that readers could see what books I’m reading. But I decided to just stick with monthly wrap-ups that have the books I read that particular month.

    Reading for pleasure shouldn’t be stressful so yay for kicking those TBRs to the curb!

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