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Welcome to Trope Tuesdays, a meme/series created by yours truly. Every Tuesday, the goal is to discuss, define, and explain one trope that you feel any range of emotion for, and then give your verdict on the trope. The trope can be one you dislike, love, feel indifference or annoyance towards, ones you think are problematic, or those tropes that just make you want to throw them out the moon door à la Petyr Baelish. You can learn more about Trope Tuesday here.

the best trope ever bye

Chess Motifs are one of my favorite tropes. Give me anything from assigning characters as chess pieces to the chessmaster making moves to win the game, and I’m yours.

Chess Motifs take a variety of forms. The story itself could be about playing a chess game with a person from the country warring against yours like in The Game We Played During the War, or referring to all your subordinates as different chess pieces because of the role they play in your life (Totally not talking about Fullmetal Alchemist even though it is the best example. I would never do that. This is a book blog).

I don’t come across outright, bold Chess motifs in Literature often. I wish it was used more (and part of that is on me because reading all the Romance I do makes sure that these tropes are almost never used). I love the versatility it brings because there are so many options. And so many ways to subvert Chess motifs, or just have the characters fall straight into the trappings of their label. Poor Pawns.

I had a big obsession with archetypes when I did a lot of writing in Middle School and early High School. I loved playing around with tropes and having characters fall into them, which is why I love Chess Motifs so much. You know how the story ends for characters who are assigned chess piece roles and you know that the game of chess that the two main characters played just determined the tides of their future, but it’s still entertaining to see the journey that characters take to get to their conclusion.

The Game We Played During the War is by far my favorite example of Chess Motifs in literature. Just read it. That is all.

P.S. I’ve played Chess maybe once in my life #GoFigure.



What do you think of Chess Motifs? Are you a fan? Do you know of any books with Chess Motifs because if so please tell me I’m begging you I’m desperate for content and will love you forever k thanks?


2 thoughts on “Trope Tuesday #18: Chess Motifs

  1. loneliteracy says:

    I can’t believe you rec’d That Game We Played but not FMA:B (the best example) fake fan.

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    1. lacyliteracy says:

      Ummm, this is a BOOK BLOG Zee. I don’t know what anime is.

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