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May was a killer month. I had finals and projects as my spring semester came to a close. I also had an ambitious TBR of THREE BOOKS, which I managed to read one of which. Whoops. But there was also one MAJOR triumph which I will forever be proud of.

Read & Reviewed

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31145133 Talk-Sweetly-to-Me 32078750

The only book I read on my TBR was I Believe in A Thing Called Love. It was good, but definitely could’ve been better. My mood reading was the death of me. I sticked to mostly Romance in May considering it was finals and I needed the relieve that only Romance can give. Talk to Me Sweetly was a solid, neutral good book with a mathematician heroine. Merely a Marriage was a fucking mess with vague/possible incest between the main couple. It was… dear lord Idek what to say. It was a doozy.

Read & Didn’t Review Cause I’m Lazy

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27232711-1.jpg 21853656.jpg 14352244.jpg

9576796.jpg 7047848.jpg 22434327.jpg

This section can be described simply as “a Bust” with the exception of Until It’s Right which was a cute NA about mistaken identity. Since I was so busy with school, I sticked to audiobooks this month. The Overdrive my library has is filled with a copious amount Highland Romances so I “read” aka listened three of them. They were all boring. The rest of the books I read where based on my favorite tropes (estranged spouses & we met online) but were also busts.

An Achievement so Amazing that I Might as Well Close my Blog and Be Done. I’ve Peaked.

My mythical STEM Heroines in Romance Master list was finally posted in May!!!!!

I have been working on it for a while now. I’ve spend countless hours searching through the dark bowels of the internet looking for books. I’m pretty satisfied with the list, but plan on continuously updating it. Also, it got a ton of views and was featured in Smart Bitches Trashy Books which is cool I guess:


Cool Bookish Thing(s) I Did This Month

Let’s keep it on the low because I haven’t posted the pics yet, but I may or may not have spent a ridiculous amount of time ripping apart a book I hated (Old Man’s War by John Scalzi) and painted the pages rainbow for bookstagram props for Pride Month. You didn’t hear it from me though.

I also entered Mackenzi Lee’s Coloring Contest for the Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue!! I had three entries (pictured below). I had a lot of fun messing around with scrap booking paper and it was so relaxing after finishing finals. The Winner’s are announced today so finger’s crossed!! I also got paper dolls with Monty and Percy from GGTVAV AND Blue and Simon from Simon vs the Homosapiens Agenda.

DAxgCv9UAAER2ps.jpg DAwmKZbU0AAUm5f DAtXPIgXcAA1hpc.jpg

Other Posts On the Blog

For May’s Trope Tuesdays, I talked about some tropes I’ve been wanting to address for a while now. Amnesia Ever After is one of my favorites that I don’t see all that often, and the rest are ones I have big problems with for a wide variety of reasons.

  1. Trope Tuesday #14: Amnesia Ever After
  2. Trope Tuesday #15: One True Love
  3. Trope Tuesday #16: But Not Too Foreign
  4. Trope Tuesday #17: Age Gap (spoiler, I’m not a fan of this trope)

Another month of Diversity Spotlight Thursdays~

  1. Diversity Spotlight Thursday #9: New Adult Edition
  2. Diversity Spotlight Thursday #10
  3. Diversity Spotlight Thursday #11
  4. Diversity Spotlight Thursday #12

I also posted my recap for YALLWEST that includes my entire haul (which was a lot to say the least). I got some amazing books and met some amazing people.

And that’s a wrap. How was your May?

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  1. Great post! I really love your entries for the Coloring Contest. I hope you’ll do well 🙂

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