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I haven’t been to the LA Times Festival of Books since I was a kid when it was still hosted on the UCLA campus. I was ecstatic for the chance to go again, especially because I actually appreciate books events considering I’m a book blogger now. Despite having a nasty cold on both days of the event, I had an amazing time at the LA Times Festival of Books. I got to finally meet one of my favorite authors and I got A TON of cool stuff.


The Music Stage

For those of you unfamiliar with the LA Times Festival of Books, it is a book festival hosted every year in April at University of Southern California. Over a thousand vendors come out ranging from bookstores to authors. The Festival of Books has a ton of panels, both ticket and free. In the center of the event, there are also performance by various bands and singers. There’s a huge children’s section, and a substantial Young Adult section that has bookstores, publishers, and an entire space for Young Adult Panels.

Since I was  sick and the heat was over 94°F (that’s 34-ish°C), I had humble goals for what I wanted to do. I wanted to stop by my favorite bookstore’s booth aka The Ripped Bodice, loiter around the YA section in hopes of snagging some ARCs, and meet some authors. I got to do all that and more.

Day 1

IMG_5707My first stop was The Ripped Bodice booth. I saw all the adorable decorations they were making for their booth on their Instagram, and was dying to get a Fitz fan and their “A Feminist Reads Whatever the F*ck They Want” bag made specially made for the event. When I got there, I also picked up two books I’ve been wanting to read: An Extraordinary Union and Devil in Spring.

After that, I got food from a food truck and perused the YA section while waiting for the Middle School and Young Adult Panel: Culture In Writings hosted on the Hoy Stage. The panel was comprised solely of Latina authors. One of my favorite authors, Anna-Marie


From left to right: Sandra Lopez, Maritere Bellas, Tania del Rio, Anna-Marie McLemore.

McLemore was going to be speaking and going to be signing afterwards. After the panel, I got When the Moon Was Ours signed. I wish I could’ve said more than 3 words to her but my voice was nearly gone from coughing.


I heard some rumors that ARCs of Wild Beauty by Anna-Marie McLemore would be available somewhere at the festival. I snooped around the YA section and eventually found two copies hiding in the Once Upon A Time booth. I was super glad I stayed and looked because the Wild Beauty ARCS weren’t being advertised like the other ARCs they were giving out were. I left soon after that considering that I sounded like a dying cat and needed to sleep I had got the one thing I was dreaming off.

Day 2


Most of the things I wanted to do were in the afternoon so I walked around, grabbed some swag (pictured below), and did some of the cool activities they have. One of them was putting a book that pushed your limits for a selected genre on a magnet up on a huge board. I put up A Gentleman in the Street for Romance. I don’t read Erotic Romance because it can be super problematic, but Alisha Rai’s book showed that good, feminist Erotica does exist. I’m a lot more open to the genre since.

At 12:30pm, I went back to The Ripped Bodice booth to get in the very long line for the Deborah Harkness signing. While in line to get my three books signed, I religiously checked twitter for the giveaway times of the day. I knew Once Upon a Time was giving away signed ARCs of I Believe in a Thing Called Love and Pins. The


The Ripped Bodice Booth. The two people in the pink baseball jerseys are the owners’ brother and one of the owners, Bea.

Penguin Teen booth were also doing 4 ARC giveaways, two of which were Warcross by Marie Lu and The One Memory of Flora Banks. I got both I Believe in a Thing Called Love and The One Memory of Flora Banks with ease.


The Marie Lu Signing of Warcross ARCs was packed. I got in line 35 minutes early and was the 50th or so person in line. I really didn’t think I was going to be able to get an ARC because there were so many people. I talked with the people in line next to me and we were all super worried we’d get cut off in line. In the end, I did get a copy (and so did my line mates). Penguin Teen also gave out Young Elite Totes, which were super cool.

If you have the chance to go, LA Times Festival of Books is a must. There is something for everyone there. A special note to those of you who plan on going to YALLwest: If you don’t want to go to LA Times Festival of Books because some of the same authors will be at YALLwest, I strongly recommend going anways. The competition for YA ARCs is not as strong as it is at YALLwest. I talked with a lot of people and they said getting authors/giveaways out of the way ahead of time gives you a lot more time to do other things at YALLwest.

Everything I Got:

all the things festival of boks


This Giveaway is US ONLY (Excluding territories). There will be one winner, and they will get everything pictured below. The Giveaway starts today, April 24th 2017, and ends on May 29th 2017. I am not accountable for the package once I send it out in the mail. You can enter here or by clicking the picture below (It’s through Rafflecopter). Good Luck!


What you get (everything pictured to the right which is):

  1. The Memory of Flora Banks ARC
  2. The Upside of Unrequited ARC
  3. Penguin Teen Poster
  4. Simon vs the Homosapiens Agenda & The Upside of Unrequited Pins
  5. Warcross and Luchador Swag
  6. Sarah Dessen Double Sided Tote Bag from Penguin Teen (the opposite side says “We are what you read” like the one pictured above
  7. The Ripped Bodice Smart Dogs Read Romance fan


Have you been to a book festival before, or want to go to one in the future? Tell me in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Los Angeles Times Festival of Books RECAP + GIVEAWAY

  1. This looks like such a fun event!
    Glad you had a great time. I can’t wait to go to a book-ish someday soon.
    Thanks for the giveaway oppourtunity! Super excited about the Becky Albertalli merch! 🙂


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