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❈ I received an ARC of Feels Like Summer from the author in exchange for a review ❈

feels like summer cover only.jpegTitle: Feels Like Summer (Summer Storm #2)
Author: Six de los Reyes
Publication Date: April 12th 2017
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance
Pages: 251


Five-minute girlfriend. That’s what Jett signs up for when she meets Adrian and his band Arabella at beach music festival Summer Storm. One kiss and the attraction is too electric to ignore, but Jett has no room for love and Adrian is Mr. Relationship who’s getting over his recent breakup. The solution? Keep it simple. Keep it casual. For three months (that’s the rule about breakups, right?), Jett helps Adrian move on and Adrian shows up on Jett’s bed whenever she wants.

Then the three months are up and neither of them are in a hurry to be the first to leave. Does Jett walk away from a potential disaster or does she finally let someone into her closely-guarded heart?

feels like summer.png

1. New Adult Tropes Done Well

New Adult is synonymous with cliche, misogynistic tropes. While the vast majority of New Adult is trash fire, there are also shinning New Adult pieces like Feels Like Summer.

The execution of It’s Just a Hookup was impressive. I’m not a big fan of hookup romances. As an avid New Adult reader, I come across them quite often. There have been only several occasions when I’ve enjoyed it. Feels Like Summer was one of those occasions. I loved how Six handled it. It played perfectly into Jett’s development.

Feels Like Summer avoided misogynistic tropes that are so common in New Adult. I cannot count how many times I’ve seen heroines trash their love interest’s ex-girlfriend. I think it’s unfortunate that women are pitted against each other in romance. Jett never acted petty or threw insults at Elle, Adrian’s ex-girlfriend.

2. Unique Side Characters

Feels Like Summer easily has some of the best side characters ever. I loved each and everyone one of them. Adrian’s bandmates in particular stood out.

Typically, romance side characters don’t do anything for me. That was not the case with Feels Like Summer. I actually enjoyed side character scenes. I’m crossing my fingers hoping that some of them get their own stories in the future. Also, I’m marrying Adrian’s bandmate Michael Brian so you can take him off your literary crushes lists 😘.

3. You’ll fall in Love with the Heroine

It wouldn’t be a book by Six de los Reyes without a clever, easy to fall in love with heroine. Six is amazing with narration, and somehow made me love Jett more than Kaya from Beginner’s Guide.

If you love characters who think they won’t fall in love as much as I do, then you’re in for a trip. Jett’s insecurities and struggles… Oh man, just get ready to get wrecked.

4. Perfect Steamy, Summer Read

A music festival, an indie band, and summer in the title….. Feels Like Summer has the makings of the perfect summer read. And it delivers.

This is the book you want to read while sitting on the beach (but probably with some tissues on hand for the tears that come later). If you aren’t out on summer break or are currently toiling away with homework (like I am), this book is the perfect escape.

5. Variety of Relationships

Feels Like Summer does an amazing job of showing all sorts of relationships, including ones that aren’t so healthy. Seeing relationships outside of the main couple’s relationship is rare in romance. I loved how many other relationships we got to see outside of Adrian and Jett’s. There’s Adrian and his bandmates, Jett and her science museum coworkers, Jett’s online friendship of many years with Ceci (and you actually get to see them chat on page), and the “rebound” relationship between Jett and Ziggy.


arc review

“Relax, it’s not like I’m gonna fall in love with you or anything stupid like that. I don’t have enough feelings to do that. 

Feels Like Summer is the second book that I have read by Six de los Reyes. Feels Like Summer, cemented Six as one of my favorite romance writers. She excels at writing realistic romances with believable, compelling characters. Feels Like Summer has all of that and more.

Adrian is the frontman for an indie band called Arabella who are preforming at a music festival in the Philippines called Summer Storm. He has recently been broken up with by his longtime girlfriend and former bandmate, Ellie. Upon seeing Ellie at the festival with her new boyfriend, his bandmates quickly come up with a plan to advert the impending crisis and pick the hottest girl nearby to play “five minute girlfriend” for Adrian. That happens to be Jett. Jett and Adrian share a hot kiss, then an awkward encounter, and after ordeal Jett proposes a hook-up based relationship.

From the very start, Feels Like Summer had heart which was evident in the plot, the characters, and the narration. Every aspect of the book meshed so perfectly together. Feels Like Summer has everything I love to see in romances, plus some things that I’ve only dreamed for like eccentric bandmates, internet friendships, depictions if unsatisfying sex with a new partner, painful periods, and science museum scenes. I am truly amazed at how many aspects of this book I loved.

The “It’s Just a Hookup” trope is a well trodden path in the New Adult genre. There are few New Adult series that don’t attempt this trope at one point or another. Six managed to breathe new life into this trope through Jett.

If your heroine is emotionally detached and thinks she isn’t going to fall victim to emotions, then I’m automatically in love. Jett is that to a tee. Plus, she’s blunt. Six has a mastery of writing hilarious narrators. Being inside of Jett’s head and hearing her comments on everything was a treat. I wish Jett was real because I loved her that much.

The thing that I truly loved was how much the plot focused on her character development. Typically, Romances tend to focus more on the relationship than the individual. While it is understandable considering the formatting and markers for the genre, it’s unfortunate. Truly focusing on the character development for a change can be so much more compelling and beneficial to the story. Jett’s reluctance to make the relationship real, and the reasons behind that were the driving force in Feels Like Summer. Feels Like Summer is ultimately Jett’s story. It was so satisfying to see her break free from her fears AND THEN be able to start something real with Adrian.

The side characters in Feels Like Summer were all amazing. I cannot stress how perfect the side characters were. I adored Adrian’s bandmates so much, especially Michael Brian who I am totally half way in love with. All of them were distinct individuals. I loved the band’s relationship. Jett’s coworker’s from the science museum were also a ton of fun. I would read multiple full length novels about any of the side characters from Feels Like Summer. 

I could go on forever about Feels Like Summer. I would 100% recommend this book to anyone and everyone. If you’ve been previously burned by New Adult, Feels Like Summer is the book to read to restore your faith in the genre.

My Rating:

If you are looking for a summer New Adult romance with strong character development, then Feels Like Summer is absolutely the perfect read for you.

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About the Author

tK1WAbqV.jpgSix de los Reyes has been reading and making up stories for as far as she can remember. In fifth grade, she learned to write about the stories she wanted to read. As a pretend grownup, she writes contemporary romance novels. Her day job doing science has something to do with being a part-time mermaid and a part-time labrat. She currently lives next to the sea.

Other Works Include: Just for the Record, Beginner’s Guide: Love and other Chemical Reactions, and Sounds Like Summer.

Anthology Contributions: “After the Moment” from Taking Chances (#BuyoYA),
“Nico Saves Christmas” from Make My Wish Come True, and “Ocean Eyes” from Summer Crush.

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