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There are some songs that I automatically associate with certain books or series. As someone who used to constantly make fanmixes on 8tracks (before it went to 💩), I like seeking out songs that fit books. I also find it fascinating as to why people pick certain songs for certain books. I am going to be sharing some songs I associate with books whether it be because of fanmixes or mere coincidence. 

The Hunger Games: Helplessness Blues by Fleet Foxes

The Hunger Games wasn’t my favorite series, but I absolutely fell in love with Gale Hawthorne. He’s one of my favorite characters of all time. Although I do try to forget this considering how he was mistreated and completely villainized by the fandom (rip to complex characters). I first heard Helplessness Blues on a Gale fanmix (which you can listen to here). It fits him perfectly.

Mistborn: The Well and the Lighthouse by Arcade Fire

If I’m reading while traveling or in a public place, I have to listen to music in the background to be able to focus (It’s counterintuitive, I know). I read Mistborn the summer I was going to Scotland, so I had to pick songs to listen to while reading. In the end, I picked the Neon Bible album by Arcade Fire. The vibe fits the original trilogy so well. I listened to The Well and the Lighthouse on repeat while I read the third book, The Hero of Ages. It might also help that I associate Arcade Fire with Sasha and she is the one who recced Mistborn to me…


A Song of Ice and Fire: Seven Devils by Florence + the Machine

I spent the vast majority of my fandom life in the ASOIAF fandom, so I’ve listened to a lot of ASOIAF fanmixes. Florence + the Machine songs were on almost every single ASOIAF fanmix in the early 2010s. That being said, Seven Devils being on fanmixes isn’t actually why I associate the song with ASOIAF so much. Way back when Robb Stark was still alive in 2012, the Season 2 trailer for Game of Thrones was released and it used Seven Devils as the song. I rewatched that trailer so many times waiting for the new season. They did a great job picking a relevant, dramatic song from a popular artist. It’s one of my favorite trailers.

All the Birds in the Sky: Come Down by White Lies

I love this song, and it fits All the Birds in the Sky perfectly. Despite having White Lies’ albums, at the time, I didn’t listen to all of the songs on them. Around the time I first read All the Birds in the Sky, I had my music on shuffle and stumbled on Come Down. It’s melancholy and wistful like the relationship between former childhood friends Patricia and Laurence who find themselves on opposite sides: one for science and one for magic.

What songs do YOU associate with books?

(pssst.. feel free to make a post like this on your blog and turn it into a tag. I would love to see what songs you guys associate with books.)

3 thoughts on “Songs I Associate with Books

  1. I just might make this a tag and do my own post! I make book playlists sometimes, but other times there’s just one or two songs that I super strongly associate with a book. Sometimes a certain song just goes with a book perfectly! These are nice songs. I’ll have to remember the last one so I can listen to it whenever I finally read All the Birds in the Sky 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lacyliteracy says:

      OMG!! If you do, make sure to link me. I want to read it 😄.


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