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30070753Title: So Right (Sugar Baby #2)
Author: Rebekah Weatherspoon
Publication Date: May 2016
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 156


First comes love. Then comes…the most ill timed proposal in history?

Kayla Davis never dreamt she’d meet sexy, considerate, and seriously sweet Internet billionaire, Michael Bradbury, but ten months after Michael went from Sugar Daddy to for real boyfriend she can’t imagine spending another day without him. Cohabitation is totally working—throw in a puppy or two and Kayla has her happily ever after wrapped up in a perfect little bow.

Until she finds out Michael might have bigger plans for their future, like marriage, kids, and ownership of a professional sports team. Kayla is more than ready to join Michael on this amazing ride through the next chapter of their lives, but first she needs to catch her breath and see if Michael is ready to be a part of a team and not just the boss

“On the surface, Michael and I made no damn sense. There was the age gap and the bank account gap, and the fact that some dudes don’t like girls as thick and juicy as me, and some black girls like me didn’t mess with older white guys, but beneath it all we were both just two big nerds who got excited about bad food and things like graphic design and user experience. 

After reading the first installment in the Sugar Baby series, So Sweet, I was left feeling disappointed and indifferent. So Right definitely got more points for hitting on themes that I like, but I still had that wanting feeling by the end.

Several months have passed since the events of So Sweet when we meet up with Kayla and Michael again in So Right. Kayla has started her graphic designing business, and Michael is on the verge of buying a professional basketball team.  Michael is also on the verge of proposing. Which Kayla learns from someone who isn’t him. Therein lies the problem.

The majority of the plot focused on the impending engagement along with tension it causes between them. Adding in this plot line was beneficial to the characters and their development as a couple (I also really happen to like the ‘I know you’re going to propose’ trope). In So Sweet, we don’t get to see Kayla and Michael be anything other than sickeningly sweet. They didn’t fight, and were great with communication which meant that there wasn’t much room for conflict. So Right changed that, and it even addressed that issue specifically. We get to see Kayla’s inner conflict about Michael proposing without discussing it with her first, the unromantic proposal, and the issue of the Prenup.

One of my big pet peeves in romances that involve characters who are ridiculously wealthy, is the fact that Prenups are never addressed. Either they flat out aren’t mentioned, or the hero’s evil lawyer gives the heroine one despite the hero “trusting their love”. In real life, rich people get prenups. It is just something that you do. I loved that Rebekah Weatherspoon made the prenup a plot line. There’s a scene where Kayla meets up with a lawyer to go over and understand the prenup before signing it. Michael also doesn’t pressure her into signing it. I really appreciated that.

We got to see more of Kayla’s family in So Right. This along with the fact that the cast of characters was a lot bigger made So Right feel more organic and real than So Sweet did. The first book existed in the Kayla Michael bubble, but now we get to see more characters and insights into their lives. Ever scene about Daniella, Kayla’s co-worker, and her rock star boyfriend Duke left me wanting more… I would die for a spin off with them.

Overall, So Right was an improvement from the previous installment. It was more realistic, and further developed Kayla and Michael’s relationship. Both of those things were both aspects I was hoping for.

My Rating:

If you are looking for a couple adopting dogs, engagement drama, and a man who owns a sports team, then I would recommend So Right. 

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