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26209241Title: So Sweet (Sugar Baby #1)
Author: Rebekah Weatherspoon
Publication Date: September 1st 2015
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 130


Desperate times call for desperate measures…

And desperate is the only way to describe Kayla Davis’s current situation. Out of work and almost out of money to cover her bills, Kayla finally caves to her roommate’s nagging and follows her to Arrangements, an online dating site that matches pretty young women with older men of a certain tax bracket.

Convinced this “make-rent-quick” scheme will surely fail—or saddle her with an 80 year old boyfriend—Kayla is shocked when Michael Bradbury, Internet billionaire and stone-cold salt and pepper fox, offers her a solution to all her financial troubles. It’s hard enough for Kayla to accept his generosity, but what’s a girl to do when the wealthiest man she’s ever met is a dream in and outside of the bedroom?

“Neither of us were looking for Mr. Right or Mr. Forever. She was looking for Mr. 90 Days Max and I was looking for Mr. Hold Me Over Until I Find A Job.

Surviving midterms left me in a reading slump. I immediately turned to one of Rebekah Weatherspoon’s books for a cure. In the past, Rebekah’s other Romance series, The Fit Trilogy, have helped to get me out of previous reading slumps. Her novellas are quick, easy reads that have steamy romances with diverse casts and are almost completely free of problematic romance tropes. While So Sweet did help me get out of my reading slump, it felt short of the expectations I had for it.

After loosing her job, 24 year-old Kayla goes to interview after interview trying to get a job to pay rent. Despite her efforts, she comes up empty and is desperate. Her roommate, Adler, suggests they both use a website called Arrangements which basically sets up girls with sugar daddies. At one of the arranged parties, Kayla finds that the vibe isn’t for her. She retreats to a dark corner of the party, and then she stumbles upon Michael Bradbury.

So Sweet has a fairly simple Sugary Daddy premise with tropes we are all familiar with: girl needs money, girl finds rich guy, rich guy thinks she isn’t like the rest, they start a relationship. For the most part, So Sweet followed the Sugar Daddy trope path. However, there were some divergences that were commendable like the fact that Michael and Kayla were always upfront with their relationship and what they wanted out of it. They were honest about their feelings. Usually, ‘I want-to-be-more,-but-the-other-doesn’t-want-it’ is the big thing between couples in these types of books. That wasn’t the case. It was a nice change. I also appreciated the fact that Michael wasn’t an asshole billionaire.

There were two things that made So Sweet fall flat: the fast paced romance and the whole situation with Kayla’s friend Adler.

I would read 600 pages of drawn out Romance to get good development. That’s the type of romance reader I am. Romance novellas are usually a problem for me because there simply isn’t enough time for the relationship to be developed. I did expect there to be a fast paced relationship because I’m familiar with Rebekah’s works, but Kayla and Michael’s relationship went from zero to a hundred within a few pages. They met one night and then two days later she was flying to New York with him. Some of that was somewhat understandable with the whole Sugar Baby thing, but it was still too much for me. Often, I found myself wondering why Kayla and Michael liked each other so much. Kayla and Michael’s statements of affection for each other felt like nothing more than statements. The text did little to back up their feelings and truly develop their relationship.

Ahh yes, the mean-girl-best- friend-who-hits-on-your-bf-trope. How I never want to read about you ever again…. When I started So Sweet and read the first couple interactions between Adler and Kayla I thought ‘oh that’s nice seeing roommates be friends, and female relationships in romance’. Then Adler ending up becoming the best friend who gets kicked to the curb for flirting with the heroine’s boyfriend. Don’t get me wrong, I did like the way that it was handled. Other characters gave Kayla good advice as to what she should do, and I like her end reasoning for ending the friendship. Despite all that, I am completely over this trope. I don’t like seeing women breaking friendships over men. The appearance of this trope greatly impacts book’s enjoyability for me.

Also, in almost all of Michael’s scenes he has to take a phone call and I could not stop thinking about the scene in Community when Annie asks Jeff who the hell he is texting all the time. This trope is really common with billionaire stories, and it bothers me to no end. Like, what is he always on the phone about? I get he’s busy making money 24/7, but I really would like some background.

Overall, So Sweet was an okay read. Not great. Not terrible. I will be reading the next book in the series, So Right.

My Rating:

If you are looking for a quick, lighthearted billionaire romance, then I would recommend So Sweet.

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