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❈ I received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for a review ❈

33299493Title: The Paths We Choose (Lillac Town #2)
Author: M. Hollis
Release Date: April 6th 2017
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance, LGBT
Pages: 119


Lily Ferrari enjoys having control over every detail of her life. Ever since she left her parents’ house to gain her freedom, she decided to fully own her autonomy. But an unexpected visit from her little brother may change the path she chooses to follow.

Add to that a casual fling with the bright architect Mayte González, and Lily’s summer is turning out more interesting than she expected. It certainly beats the routine of working extra shifts at Johnson’s Bookstore.

A few weeks before her college life begins, Lily needs to figure out if she’s wrong about the past or if she should continue to protect her heart at all costs.

Sometimes moving forward is only possible if you have the right people by your side.

“Lily had been single all her life; nothing needs to change in her opinion. Why open herself to love’s disappointments and expectations when you can just live wild and free?”

When Hollis announced that she was giving out ARCs of The Paths We Choose for review, I was so excited. I loved Lily in the previous Lillac Town book, The Melody of You and Me, and couldn’t wait to start The Paths We Choose. I am glad to say that it not only lived up to my expectations, but was better than The Melody of You and Me.

Lily was an amazing protagonist. I related to her family situation and need for control a lot. I loved seeing her go from that ‘relationships aren’t worth trying’ state to being the person who took a risk to make her relationship with Matye work despite her leaving (and the scene that I’m talking about was so trope-y, but so fitting). I was also really glad that she got to reconnect with her brother, but that she never tried to reconnect with her other family members who refused to accept her for who she was. Another thing I liked about Lily, was that she didn’t want to put a label on her sexuality. She was comfortable with herself, but also didn’t rag on people who do use labels like Matye who was bisexual.

Lily and Matye were a great couple. I have read a lot of ‘hook-up to more’ New Adult romances, but The Paths We Choose is the first F/F one I’ve come across. It was such a nice change, especially because they communicated a lot more in regards to the nature of their hook-up based relationship. I really loved the place in their relationship that The Paths We Choose leaves off with. It is one of my favorite tropes, and I love endings that acknowledge that the couple still has a ways to go in regards to building a strong relationship.

I truly appreciate the F/F sex scenes that are portrayed in both Lillac Town books. Explicit, on page F/F sex is hard to come by. It is always healthy and consensual in Hollis’s books. I was so glad that Lily and Matye talked about what they liked and didn’t like during sex , and created boundaries. Talking to your partner about pleases you and what doesn’t along with making set boundaries is so important. Seeing that is such a rarity in New Adult novels.

The Paths We Choose was definitely an improvement from The Melody of You and Me. Lily and Matye felt a lot more real to me than Chris and Josie did. I also really enjoyed meeting all of Lily’s friends and their supportive relationships.

My Rating:

If you are in the mood for a short hook-up to more New Adult Romance, then I would recommend The Paths We Choose. 

Favorite Quotes:

“Mayte’s hand goes back to the tattoo tracing the words with delicacy.
“Liberdade. Freedom. Suits you well. Tienes un alma sin limites, Lidiane.”
For the first time in years, Lily doesn’t hate her name in someone else’s mouth.”

“I think she was my maybe.”
“Your maybe?”
“Yeah, you know. The person that if you weren’t you and they weren’t them and if life was completely different for both of you then you’d be able to be together? Kind of like in a parallel universe.”

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