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Trope Tuesday is a meme/series created by yours truly. On Tuesdays, the goal is to discuss one trope that you dislike, love, are indifferent to, hate, currently annoyed by, think is problematic, want to kill with fire, or throw out the moon door (a la Petyr Baelish). You can learn more about Trope Tuesday here.

There’s a rule in vampire folklore that vampires cannot have children. They can make other vampire to continue their vampiric line, but their biological line ends with them. Vampires being unable to have children is a universal part of their mythos, and sometimes, it even exists in books that take out characteristics that are so well known for being vampiric like being killed by sunlight or only being able to drink blood.

Vampires can’t have babies… Until they do.

The Freaky Vampire Baby trope runs rampant in paranormal romance. It is defined by the universe mythos stating that vampires reproducing is impossible until the main couple made up of one vampire and either a human or another supernatural creature, has one.

The existence of this trope itself poses some interesting questions. For decades, having children has been seen as just something that everyone does. Romance is a genre widely known for following the traditional, nuclear family model. Hell, I’ve seen people complain that the couple should’ve had more children in the epilogue (like a genuine complaint. They were not joking. I almost cried). The production of the Nuclear family is seen as such a vital part of the Happily Ever After, that in paranormal romance, it even has the power to override well established mythos. I think it is fascinating that out of all the options the paranormal aspect of paranormal romance introduces to the story, that a supernatural couple having children is still the route that so many authors take.

One of the most well known examples of the Freaky Vampire Baby trope is in Twilight. The trope name itself comes from Twilight because fake baby Renesmee in the Breaking Dawn movie gives me the creeps. I honestly have nightmares thinking about it. Not only was my reading of Twilight the first book I willingly read (which I always love mentioning any chance I get), it was the first book I read with the Freaky Vampire Baby trope. It is one of the more classic examples of this trope: a human and a vampire have a baby and then major drama starts once the big bad vampire authorities find out.

Other examples of Freaky Vampire Babies can be found in the Night Huntress Universe and the All Souls Trilogy, which I will refrain from talking about because spoilers.

My verdict: If the story diverges from the traditional Freaky Vampire Baby model found in Twilight, like in Night Huntress and All Souls then I’ll go with it. I don’t totally hate this trope, but its existence and persistence has greater implications and says more about the romance genre as a whole. I am interested to see how this trope evolves, especially since paranormal romances/vampires are no longer at the height of popularity like they were during the 2000s.

What do you think of Freaky Vampire Babies? Read any other books with them in it? Do they also remind you of those horrifying scenes in Breaking Dawn?


9 thoughts on “Trope Tuesday #4: Freaky Vampire Babies

  1. Elou Carroll says:

    Renesmee was terrifying. They surely could have executed that in a less… weird way. It’s the only vampire baby thing I’ve read/seen. Not sure I want to look into it any further though. 😛

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  2. xtine says:

    I hate the Freaky Vampire Baby trope because of the way it’s brought up in stories. One of the main concerns the female protagonist tends to have about becoming a vampire is the loss of the ability to have children. (This is also seen in the TV show version of The Vampire Diaries which I’m not-so-secretly addicted to watching.) It’s implied that All Women want to have babies Some Day (even if they don’t right now) – which implies that if a woman doesn’t want to have children ever (like me), she’s some sort of weird anomaly and/or lying and/or a bad person. Just once, I’d like to see the female protagonist-turned-vampire who maybe struggles with not being able to have kids (or maybe doesn’t!) and then moves on with her eternal life.

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    1. lacyliteracy says:

      Yes!! That would be so cool.

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  3. jeana84 says:

    The Night World series by L.J. Smith has vampires that can have children. They’re called lamia. Though none of the characters actually get pregnant and have a baby, it is accepted that vampires that were born vampires can have children. Vampires who are “made” cannot though.

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  4. The one of the main ideas of The Originals, spin-off of The Vampire Diaries, is that Klaus’ daughter allows him to become a better version of himself. Instead of her being a result of a happy relationship, she’s actually a product of a one night stand, as well as the catalyst for the series as a whole. So I kind of like how they play with the freaky vampire baby trope in that way. 🙂

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    1. lacyliteracy says:

      Interesting! I’ve seen some episodes of TVD, but I’ve never seen The Originals.

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      1. Let me know what you think if you check it out! 😉

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