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I “discovered” Short Stories back in 2015. I ended up reading a ton of them to meet my Goodreads Reading challenge, found some amazing ones, and have been reading them ever since.

I am always amazed at how under appreciated short stories are in the book community. There are so many amazing writers out there who are never talked about because they only write short stories. There are also amazing authors who in addition to novels, write short stories that you might not even know about. The best part is, you can read nearly every short story online for free.

Short Story Sundays are my way of promoting short stories that I love along with their writers. Short Story Sundays can come in the form of genre recommendations, writer spotlights, and much more. The exact focus of Short Story Sundays will vary week to week, but they will always be about short stories/their writers. Along with that, I will always give links to read the short stories I’m talking about for free legally (because we all love reading for free), and if available, where to purchase them.

My first Short Story Sunday will be posted this Sunday, and it will be about my absolute favorite short story writer & some of my favorite works by them.

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