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22854969Title: Tamed (The Fit Trilogy #2)
Author: Rebekah Weatherspoon
Release Date: September 2nd 2014
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, BDSM
Pages: 158

Content Warning: n/a
POV: dual third person


Nailah Shalaby loves her interior design work almost as much as she loves her family. What she hates is the way her brothers and her father can’t seem to stay out of her business. When her current personal trainer and casual sex buddy is exposed in a very public, very scandalous affair — with a client who isn’t Nailah — Nailah agrees to switch trainers at her father’s insistence. Too bad her father found her another fitness professional whose bright personality and rugged good looks make it impossible for Nailah to see him as anything other than her next conquest.

Armando Vasquez expects a little bit of drama when he agrees to take on the daughter of an acquaintance as a new client. What he doesn’t count on is Nailah Shalaby being such a complete ice princess. Always the professional, Armando is determined to ignore Nailah’s frosty demeanor while he gets her into the best shape of her life.

Their workouts are going as smoothly as planned until Nailah discovers Armando’s sexually dominant side and insists he use his knowledge of all things B, D and SM to escort her through his world of kink. They can hardly stand each other, but with every erotic encounter neither of them can deny… that thin line between love and hate never felt so good.

Tamed pulled through. Since seeing Armando in other installments of The Fit Trilogy, I have had a sneaking suspicion that his book would be my favorite. Thank god it was.

Armando Vaszquez… I love this guy. My love for characters who have gruff exteriors but are soft on the inside knows no bounds. I was so glad that he lived up to the expectations I had for him after reading Sated & Fit. Young, successful heroines in Romance make me happy, so Nailah Shalaby was an instant favorite. I enjoyed the cultural references to her Egyptian heritage. Nailah’s archetype is one of my favorites. Seeing female characters that hold back their feelings or are more cynical is so nice. I related to her a lot, and saw myself in her actions.

Unlike the other books in The Fit Trilogy, the main character’s families played a larger role in the plot. It was an aspect I was elated about because Fit and Sated didn’t explore family issues. Family is such an important socializer and gives a lot of background for characters, so I’m always happy when family plays a role, no matter how small. Armando’s relationship with his family was sweet, and I liked Nailah’s relationship with her mother.

As usual, I wish this was longer because novellas never truly satisfy me. However, the biggest annoyance was how the sex scenes were done. Typically, Rebekah Weatherspoon writes explicit sex scenes in her works rather than mentions about it from characters. She strayed from that in Tamed, and relied more on mentions. Her choice threw me off, and I was confused as to why she chose to do that. Because of that it ended up being quite different from what we see in Fit and even more so in Sated. I’m not angry so much as confused.

The ending is what I adored about Tamed. I am a staunch supporter of the vague/implied ending, and was pleased to see it in Tamed. Armando didn’t pressure Nailah into saying ‘I love you’s’, which I liked a lot. The ending words were: “she was getting closer to that day. She was nearly there. Just not yet”. For someone like Nailah, the small time frame that books in The Fit Trilogy have wouldn’t have been enough time for her to get to the point to say those words. I loved it. It felt natural, and true to the characters.

Tamed is the conclusion in the Fit Trilogy for me. I’m glad to leave it on a positive note. The Fit Trilogy turned out to be good, so I definitely plan on reading more of Rebekah Weatherspoon’s books in the future.

My Rating:

If you are looking for a diverse erotica series and want something quick to read that has BDSM and isn’t 50 Shades of Grey, then I would recommend The Fit Trilogy.

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I read Tamed for Diverse-A-Thon.

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