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I have been known to be overambitious with challenges/ReadAThons (My reading Challenge last year was 700 books so I mean..). Despite this, I ALWAYS finish them, even if it kills me… until now. I think what I learned the most from 24in48 was ‘life happens’.

The weekend of 24in48 also happened to be the weekend that I was leaving to go up to Northern California. I assumed that I could read the full 24 hours by doing the vast majority of my reading on Saturday, and then listen to Audiobooks on Sunday which was the day I was driving up. There ended up being a snowstorm, so I had to leave a day early which ended up completely wrecking my reading schedule.

I ended up finishing only one book, Sex, Lies, and Online Dating, which I also didn’t like that much:

26120598Title: Sex, Lies, and Online Dating (Writer Friends #1)
Author: Rachel Gibson
Release Date: January 24th, 2005
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Mystery
Pages:  Audiobook length: 8+ hours

Content Warning: N/A

My Rating: ★★



I started, but did not finish during the 48 hours:

images-1Title: Mayor of Castro Street: The Life and Times of Harvey Milk
Author: Randy Shilts
Release Date: March 15th, 1988
Genre: Nonfiction, LGBT, Biography
Pages: 388

Content Warning: Homophobic slurs, Homophobia, Suicide, Transphobic language/outdated terminology (most likely the result of this book being published in the 80s)

My Rating: ★★★


I had a really hard time accepting that I wasn’t going to complete the 24 hours of reading. I thought ‘maybe I can just pull an all nighter Saturday/Sunday’. Then I thought about how miserable the rest of the trip would be because it was lots of hiking and no sleep would’ve meant me dying.

I need to learn how to give my self more slack when it comes to challenging myself along with not grating myself when life gets in the way of completing things. It was really relieving to admit defeat, and just go outdoors in the snow and have fun.I  don’t think I would have been as satisfied as I am now if I actually did complete the ReadAThon.

Life works in mysterious ways…

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